Satisfied or reimbursed

Complete satisfaction guaranteed or reimbursement

We do not want our customers to find themselves in trouble having bought an expensive item online without having been able to see it with their own eyes. You can rest assured that with us you will always receive original goods that are 100% as presented on the site. But, to give you greater security, we add a Satisfaction Guarantee or Refund policy to your purchases: if you encounter irregularities or problems when you receive the goods, we provide immediate reimbursement of the amount spent.

How does it work?
1. You send an email to or phone us on toll free number 0324 232839
We will organise collection with our courier, who will come straight to your home to pick up the goods.
3. As soon as the goods arrive at our warehouse we will send you a full refund of the amount spent.  All this is without any expense on your part: you will be reimbursed 100% of the amount spent, and the return costs are at our expense.

Zero Bureaucracy 
Our company is made up of real people. Never hesitate to contact us. Are you feeling doubtful? Is what you bought not to your complete satisfaction? Phone us or send us an email.  It is in our interests to always try to find the best solutions. Frank and sincere dialogue will help us to solve any issue.

When does this apply?
The Satisfied or Reimbursed policy was set up to protect the buyer from any problems caused by:

- Invisible defects in the purchased item,
- Aspects of the article that do not correspond with those advertised at the time of purchase,
- Malfunctions due to manufacturing defects,
- Situations in which the purchased item does not meet the customer's objective expectations. In these and similar cases you are entitled to a full refund of the amount spent.

For all other cases please read our Return and Repair policy.

"We refer to our assistance service as ‘No Excuses:’ if something does not work, or if the goods are damaged during shipment, we take full responsibility! This is not a marketing phrase but a solemn promise that our company has made to every one of its customers for over 50 years."

"No order is more important than others, no customer is more important than another..."

"To give our customers the best products at low cost and with excellent service: that's what we want!"

Massimo Ianni & Fabrizio Ianni