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Band saw Nebes - tm 101 plus - inverter
Shipped within 24H
Portable small band sawing machine. Versatile and silent, it allows effortless cutting of iron, aluminum, steel and PVC.
Band saw Nebes - tm 125 inverter -
Shipped within 24H
Band sawing machine with noise reduction system, versatile and silent, allows you to effortlessly cut iron, aluminum, steel and PVC by adapting the cutting speed to the appropriate blade.
Bench grinder - 0551 - Fervi
Shipped within 24H
Classic bench grinder. The wheels are of two different grits to rough and finish. Very robust and simple.
CB sandblaster 24 liters - with mask - with kit
Shipped within 24H
Free jet sandblaster, used for the preparation of surfaces for subsequent protective treatments. Modern and functional, it allows the operator to work in complete safety and security.