The best products at a great price and with excellent service: That’s Fershop®!

Every shipment is subject to our quality control: we are talking about TRUE, exclusive service. For us, quality control is a first and indispensable step toward guaranteeing our customers reliable and convenient purchases.

Buying through must be a fast, clear, and reliable experience – and we assure you that our greatest efforts are focused on achieving this goal.

Here's what we do to achieve our objective:

  1. Each shipment is checked and approved by our quality control system;
  2. All equipment is tried and tested;
  3. All machines (chainsaws, trimmers, lawnmowers, etc.) are tested, calibrated and made ready for use (lubricated, clean, tuned, etc.);
  4. Each shipment is carefully packaged;
  5. To discuss any of your needs, call our toll-free number 0324 232839 (0039 0324 232839 international) and receive an immediate response;
  6. In case of any problem we are ready to immediately replace any product;
  7. All our shipments travel by express courier and we are committed to delivering within 48 hours.

Satisfied customers are our best advertisements and we at aim to provide a service that makes a difference. Complete Assistance is our highest priority, even at the cost of losing a sale.