Return and repairs

Fershop® special policy: buy safely with us!

"We refer to our assistance service as ‘No Excuses:’ if something does not work, or if the goods are damaged during shipment, we take full responsibility! This is not a marketing phrase but a solemn promise that our company has made to every one of its customers for over 50 years."

1. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
In the delicate process of online purchasing, where you buy products that you cannot touch or see, we protect you by guaranteeing a 100% refund in all situations where the item you receive does not reflect its description or where it presents with undeclared defects. And the return costs are charged to us!
For more information on situations where this applies, click here

2. Free return policy
If the purchased goods are not satisfactory, you have six months from the time of purchase in which to easily return them, with no additional costs:  the return costs are borne by us. Just let us know and we will arrange collection by our courier. We will evaluate the state of wear of the returned goods and issue a refund of the amount spent in proportion to the condition of the assets.

3. Replacement and free repair
If the goods break down during the first six months after purchase, we will take care of everything: collection, positioning / replacing and returning! You do not have to do anything and, above all, you do not have to spend anything. After the first six months you can turn to one of the many service centres that operate throughout Italy. We will give you all the necessary information.

4. Complete Assistance Always!
Ours is a company that is made up of real people who are ready to answer your questions and give you the advice you need. Never hesitate to contact us: if you have any doubts, request or needs, call us on the toll-free number 0324 232839 or send an email to We will be happy to help you! Our assistance is simple, quick and precise. If you need assistance, here's what we’ll do:

  1. Call us immediately on toll-free number 0324 232839 (international 0039 0324 232839)  /
  2. We will have you speak to one of our technicians so as to define the problem together.
  3. If the problem is easily resolvable, we will send you the necessary replacement parts and detailed instructions.
  4. If the breakdown is complex, we will take care of everything: collection, repair and re-sending.
  5. We will give you a 100% REIMBURSEMENT if you prefer.

"Giving our customers the best products at great prices and with excellent service: that’s Fershop®!"

Massimo Ianni e Fabrizio Ianni