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The mower Grin push-to - hm46 is instart - with optional

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The mower GRIN HM46 IS Instart : cuts well, and saves you time. Option included 



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Grin HM46 IS Instart with optional features, including - electric starter - the LATEST VERSION 

The mower GRIN HM46 IS Instart : cuts well, and saves you time.

Model Grin Hm 46 with electric starter: a small battery is applied to the motor for easy start-up without the slightest effort! Battery is similar to that of power tools that with a charging allows more than 50 start-ups. Then it is normally and rapidly recharged with the charger supplied. It is a novelty and fantastic. We tried it in the preview and we were very impressed. The mower Grin Hm 46 IS Instart is still the most convenient, powerful and fast. GRIN, the only cutting system patented that allows to cut without leaving a residue and without having to collect and dispose of the clippings. Unlike the Mulching traditional allows cuts with the frequency of a machine with collection and will not damage the turf. Grin HM 46 : cuts , not collect and does not go into landfill.


Cutting system: patented GRIN
Cutting width:46 cm
Adjustment of the height: 5 heights, using only lever
Wheels: steel with dual ball bearing
Cap and structure: reinforced, coated steel heat
Engine: New engine Briggs and Stratton 4 stroke powered - Ready Start 6.75
Cavalli-displacement : 163 cc
Dry weight: 27 kg








The advice and suggestions of Ivano

When we did the testing here in our warehouses we were all in awe of these mower Grin. We asked: where are you going to finish the grass? There remains a trace! The system that they have patented is very clever: it holds in suspension the grass is cut and the cut-and-crop up to polverizzarla. In practice not remain residues and fertilizers on the lawn. Save a great amount of time and you no longer have the problem of the disposal of the residues of cutting. The machines are built very well: in addition to being equipped with professional motors, the see for the eye that are beautiful and sturdy studied in detail.We have proven both personally and via hundreds of Customers. Well the result was very positive. Cuts, not collect and does not go into landfill. The Grin HM46 allows you to do a great cut but, above all, saves a lot of time . Savings, in fact, 70% of time in the cutting garden. And the gained time can you dedicate to something else or to rest. But besides that you can save a lot of time thanks to the cutting without collection your lawn is not depleted. On the contrary constantly to each cut the manure. Believe me the result after some month is great. I cut my garden with the Grin, the irrigo very little and I have a lawn very robust and accurate. The machine before spedirtela the TRY and TEST: in this way, you arrive home ready to use! If you need information or details please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here on purpose. Thanks and long live the mower Grin! We have sold many machines and are very satisfied. In short, the board with your eyes closed: of the gems that demonstrate once again that when we are in Italy we are able to create the best!

Grin avviamento elettrico 


Watch the video: is very interesting!


Grin Instart - 01

Quick charger for the battery that generates the electric start

Grin Instart - 02

Special battery LITHIUM batteries : high performance and long life. It recharges very fast. 50 goodwill with a load

Grin Instart - 03

New lever for ease of adjustment of the cutting height

Grin Instart - 04

Sturdy wheels with great grip to go on all the fields without slipping.

Grin Instart - 05

Grin Instart - 06

New engine Briggs & Stratton INSTART. An absolute novelty in the world

Grin Instart - 07

Very robust in all its parts

Grin Instart - 08

The levers for the locking of the handle are very sturdy and comfortable. Impossible to break them.

Grin Instart - 09

Grin Instart - 10

With a button you put it in motion immediately. Handy !

Grin Instart - 11

Grin Instart - 12

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Bonjour Daniele Je suis extrêmement content de la tondeuse, un vrai plaisir que de ne plus à devoir vider le bac. Tout est bien arrivé. Je suis ravi que la tondeuse soit prête à l'emploi. Je mettrai une note de 5. Merci Bruno




Buonasera, oggi ho ricevuto il Grin Hm46 ordinato 2 giorni fa. Vi voglio fare i complimenti per la serietà, la professionalità e la precisione nella transazione. Complimenti a tutti voi, vi terrò a mente per ricomprare da Voi. Il prezzo è un dettaglio quando ci si può fidare delle persone. Continuate così!!! Grazie ancora, Marco

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