Why choose Fershop®

Fershop®: quality, competence and reliability!

Are you a company, a craftsman, a workshop or a public body? You have found the right place. We have been working alongside professionals for years. We specialise in professional equipment, tools, and quality machinery, and we offer excellent customer service.

All the products we deal with are guaranteed

In case of a problem, there is nothing you need do or pay for. We will take care of everything: collection, repairs, and documentation.  We provide our customers with total assistance and maintain a ‘satisfaction guaranteed or your money back’ policy.

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Only high quality equipment

You will only find tools of the best brands on Fershop. These tools have been tried and tested by our team in order to always guarantee you the highest quality goods along with excellent service.

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Money back guarantee

Free return of goods

Free replacement and repair

Total assistance always!