Gardening tools

In this category there are our best offers for: various gardening tools, sawhorses for cutting wood, hedge shears, grass shears, pruning shears, forks, watering cans, sprayers, tying, protection, small gardening tools, fruit pickers, rakes, lawn brooms, saws, hacksaws, blades, lawn mowers, hoes and spades.

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Double cut pruning shears - size ml -
Shipped within 24H
The double-edged blade allows the blades to converge in the center of the branch to be pruned, making a clean cut with less effort and no breaking of the wood, thus ensuring rapid healing of the plant.
Fertilizer - fgm sb6500 - push
Shipped within 24H
Fertilizer spreader professional FGM SB6500, tank capacity up to 59 KG, with agitator and ghigliotina STAINLESS steel.