Hot water pressure washers

Hot water pressure washers are machines used to remove dirt and impurities from hard surfaces such as floors, walls, vehicles and equipment. Unlike cold water pressure washers , which only use pressurized water to remove dirt, hot water pressure washers also use hot or mist water to loosen dirt.
Hot water pressure washers work by using a high pressure pump to spray hot or vaporized water onto the surface to be cleaned. The hot water is heated using a diesel or gas fueled burner, or using an electric resistance.

Hot water pressure washers: what advantages

The heated water is then pumped through a hose and out of the high pressure spray lance . The characteristics of hot water pressure washers vary according to the model and the manufacturer, but some of the common characteristics include the water pressure (expressed in bars), the water flow (expressed in liters per minute), the maximum temperature of the water, the motor power and the type of burner or resistance used to heat the water.
A device of this kind is ideal for both domestic and professional use: this is the case in industrial and commercial contexts, given that a hot water pressure washer can remove even the most stubborn dirt and grime from large surfaces and in a quick and efficient.

Range of hot water pressure washers

In our online shop you can find hot water pressure washers for all needs, both for professional and domestic use . The latter can also be used for cleaning floors, gardens, vehicles and outdoor equipment.
Our models are exclusively of quality, from the best brands, as in the case of Annovi Reverberi : it is one of the most requested hot water pressure washer models on the market, equipped with professional accessories and capable of removing dirt of all kinds, including oil and grease stains.

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Hot water pressure washer - ar 6970-series 69 - 200 bar - 900 l/h
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