Chainsaws and electric saws

Within this category you can find our range of chainsaws and electric saws for professional and domestic use: these are tools used to cut wood and branches, and which differ in the type of electric power supply. The technical characteristics of a chainsaw or electric saw depend on the specifics of the model, but in general they include:

1. Engine horsepower : Engine horsepower affects the cutting capacity and speed of your chainsaw or electric saw.
2. The length of the bar : The length of the bar indicates the length of the cutting blade and the depth of cut that the chainsaw or electric saw can handle.
3. The chain : the chain is the part of the chainsaw or electric saw that makes the cut; chains can vary in size and features depending on the model and the type of work they are designed for.
4. Safety : Safety is an important consideration for any type of saw. Chainsaws and electric saws should have safety features, such as a chain brake, to prevent accidents during use.
5. Weight : The weight of the chainsaw or electric saw can affect ease of use and operator fatigue while working.

Chainsaws and electric saws, characteristics and differences

By default chainsaws are petrol powered and are generally more powerful than electric saws, making them ideal for cutting large logs or for professional use. Chainsaws are generally heavier and noisier than electric saws and require more maintenance. Electric chainsaws are powered by an electrical outlet and are generally lighter and quieter than chainsaws. They are suitable for cutting small and medium-sized branches and for home or hobby use. Electric saws require less maintenance than chainsaws and are typically cheaper

Our range of chainsaws and electric saws

In this category you will find our entire range of chainsaws and electric saws . Our offer of petrol chainsaws includes the OLEO-MAC brand which mainly differ in 2 models:

- the GSH models , which are chainsaws designed for less intense use, also come with a 50 cm bar. We recommend these models to private individuals who still need a reliable car.
- the GS models, on the other hand, are the professional models, ideal for the professional who has to cut all day long. They are machines designed down to the smallest detail to ensure optimal use for the operator.

Then there are the GST models which are pruning chainsaws , characterized by low weight and small dimensions.

As far as electric saws are concerned, these are devices created mainly for domestic use: they are light tools and require less maintenance. Electric saws also exist with small bars and large bars according to need.