Wood splitter and woodcutter

The log splitter or log cutter is an effective tool, useful for cutting logs of wood which can then be used for burning, for example in the fireplace; an operation that brings a lot of effort if you don't have a device like this at your disposal.
A log splitter is a machine useful for cutting logs of wood into small logs for domestic use; depending on the type of machinery you are going to buy, it is also possible to break large logs.

Log splitter for home and professional use

Basically, depending on the machinery that you are going to buy, you can think of a different use for the log splitter ; whether it is for domestic purposes, therefore to split large logs and make logs to put in the fireplace or barbecue, or for professional use, there are many purposes for this tool.
There are two main types of log splitters on the market: the vertical one and the horizontal one. Both are capable of imparting enormous force with their blade which allows them to split large logs into small logs. The vertical log splitter is certainly the most requested: it is a precise tool that delivers much more pressure than the horizontal one.
The best brands and types of log splitters are available on our site: our range includes Docma branded log splitters and circular saws, which are divided into two distinct categories:

- FOREST , green line, is the professional range, they guarantee use for whole days without ever overheating.
- CUTMAC , blue line, is the range designed more for private use.

Log cutter

The log cutter or circular saw bench is a tool made to cut wood in total safety and with great ease, even in the case of large logs. A log cutting machine is powered by powerful 220V motors and features discs up to 600 mm in diameter. In our online shop you can find Docma log cutters of two different categories:

1. FOREST , green line ideal for those who use it for work.
2. CUTMAC , blue line, created for the single private individual.

These are increasingly used tools, log splitters and log cutters, simple and robust, able to cut large logs into small logs of wood; all in maximum simplicity and in total safety.

Circular saw - ttg-500 - 220 volt
Circular saw Cutmac TTG500, produced in Italy with the best materials and the best technologies, to ensure maximum safety and maximum yield.