DPI-respiratory tract protections.

In this category there are tools for the protection of the respiratory tract: face filters with and without valves, disposable or reusable, with double filter.
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Elettrorespiratore cleanspace2 - tg.s - kasco
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The elettrorespiratore CLEANSPACE2 of the FRANCHISE and represents an important innovation for the protective devices of the respiratory tract, in fact, the silicone mask was attached to a lightweight and compact unit that provides fresh and clean air during breathing.
Form the comprehensive whole - venus 1 -
Shipped within 24H
Full mask VENUS1 is designed to offer simplicity and are a good solution for those who want to protect respiratory tract, eyes and face.
The mask VENUS1 is versatile. Produced in one size and is suitable for the majority of industrial applications.
Mask powercap active - kasco -
The system powercap active is a solution that is lightweight and ergonomic, able to work efficiently in areas very dusty.