Motor mower

Garden lawnmowers, essential machinery for the care of your green space. A lawnmower is a device that allows you to mow the grass in your garden autonomously, effortlessly. There are various models of lawn mowers on the market, the main factors to consider when choosing a machine of this kind are above all the size of the garden and the type of operation.
In general, larger gardens require a greater commitment than smaller ones; from the point of view of operation, a lawn mower can be motor-driven (therefore fueled by petrol) or battery-powered.

The best mowers online

Our online hardware store specializes in the sale of lawn mowers for any need . In our catalog there are different types of lawnmowers, our brands are Honda and Grin as regards lawnmowers with petrol engine; then we have other families of battery-powered lawnmowers ideal for gardening .
We supply quality products, Fershop has always been a point of reference online store for those looking for gardening products such as lawn mowers. What are the aspects that must be considered before buying a lawn mower?

How to choose the right mower?

Below we provide some advice to take into consideration when choosing the lawn mower to buy. In particular, the following questions should be asked:

How much cutting surface do you have ? If your garden is around 500 m2, we recommend a lawn mower with a blade up to 37 cm. For gardens from 500 to 1000 m2 we recommend lawnmowers with blades ranging from 41 to 46 cm. From 1000 m² upwards we recommend lawnmowers that have a blade of 46 cm and upwards.
Does your garden have slopes? If there are hills in your garden, we advise you to take a lawnmower with traction, you will have much less effort.
What type of cut do you prefer? There are 3 types of cuts:
1. Collecting, the classic mower with bag, very useful for keeping the garden free from residues. It could cause the mower to feel heavy when the bag is full.
2. Mulching cut which pulverizes the grass, in this case the cut grass remains inside the container and continues to fall onto the blade until it is finally pulverised.
3. Cutting with side discharge: ideal for very large but poorly maintained green areas. The side discharge allows you to cut large quantities of grass without having to stop, on the other hand the garden will have various grass residues.

Grin push lawn mower - hm37 - new 2023
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Grin HM37 lawn mower: 4-wheel lawn mower with patented Mulching cutting system that leaves no residue. Options included.