A brushcutter   it is one of the most popular tools in gardening as a versatile and useful tool for various purposes. A brushcutter is commonly used for cutting grass and hedges, as well as clearing scrub of various sizes.
Thanks to this tool it is possible to keep your garden and green spaces in order by finishing the lawn, removing weeds and shrubs. Brushcutters can be for professional or domestic use , depending on the needs, and with different types of power supply, from petrol-driven brushcutters to electric, battery-powered and multifunctional ones.

The best brushcutters

This section of our online hardware store contains the best brushcutter machines intended for cleaning for both proven and professional use . A tool of this kind allows you to remove bushes, shrubs and brushwood effectively; brushcutters for domestic use are easy to handle, able to be used comfortably by anyone.
In general, this type of device differs in parameters such as size, type of power supply, power, displacement, weight and diameter of the rod (the part intended for mowing).

Honda and Oleomac brushcutters

Our Fershop online hardware store deals with brushcutters of the best brands, in particular Honda and Oleomac brushcutters. For each of this brand we have different machines available, specifically. Honda brushcutters are synonymous with maximum quality, reliability and above all simplicity in finding spare parts on the market. Honda specializes in making 4-stroke engines. The models of Honda brushcutters that we have available are.

  • The HONDA UMS 425 brushcutter is the only one in the range with a curved shaft, light and precise, it is often used for the care of edges.
  • The HONDA UMK 425 and HONDA UMK 435 brushcutters are the most widespread, they are suitable for the professional who must use them every day for work or even for the private individual who still wants to have a reliable machine.
  • The HONDA UMK 450 brushcutter is the one with the largest and most powerful engine, ideal for those who often have to cut in harsh conditions.
  • The HONDA UMR 435 brushcutter is the only one in the HONDA range.

As for the Oleomac brand , the models we have available are:

  • OLEO-MAC brushcutters are made in Italy, are of the highest quality and easy to use. Specialized in the construction of 2-stroke engines.
  • The OLEO-MAC SPARTA 250S and OLEO-MAC SPARTA 250TR brushcutters are the smallest in the oleoamc range, they are ideal for those looking for a light brushcutter with medium-low power.
  • The OLEO-MAC SPARTA 381 S brushcutter is designed for a slightly more demanding job thanks to its 36 cc engine capacity. Ideal for private individuals with large green spaces or for professionals looking for a high-performance machine that's not too heavy.
  • The OLEO-MAC BC 400S brushcutter is very powerful and rabid, ideal for professional use thanks to its powerful 44 cc engine.
  • The BCF 550 pro and SPARTA 441 brushcutters are our 2 backpack models with 2-stroke engine.

Furthermore, in our catalog it is also possible to find the HONDA UMC 425 and HONDA UMC 435 multifunction machines, extremely useful machines as with a single engine body you can have a brushcutter, hedge trimmer, blower, tiller and pruner at your disposal.

Brushcutter honda - umk 425e2 le - 4 stroke
Shipped within 24H
Honda UMK 425: 4-stroke brushcutter with an ideal shape designed to work in absolute freedom and safety. Here you can find it with a total satisfied or refunded guarantee!
Flail mower orec - hr672h - c/wheels
Flail mower OREC robust, compact design allows you to tackle it brilliantly the work of cleaning up land infested by shrubs, brambles and thick vegetation.
Honda backpack brushcutter - umr 435t le - 4-stroke
Shipped within 24H
Honda UMR 435T LE brushcutter, robust, low vibrations, reduced consumption; 4-stroke petrol engine characterized by a large torque which makes it particularly powerful, easier to use and able to always guarantee high working performance.
Honda brushcutter - umk 435e3 le - 4-stroke
Shipped within 24H
Honda UMK 435 LE: 4-stroke brushcutter characterized by a large torque that makes it particularly powerful, easier to use and able to always guarantee high working performance.
Oleomac brushcutter - bc 400 s - new 2023
Shipped within 24H
OLEOMAC professional brushcutter, model BC 400 S.
It is equipped with an easy pull start, it mounts a 44cc blend engine. of displacement, which guarantees high performance
Oleomac brushcutter - sparta 250s - rigid shaft
Shipped within 24H
The OLEOMAC Sparta 250S brushcutter is produced by Emak and offers high performance and reliability over time with a series of devices designed to guarantee the operator high working comfort and maximum safety. Easy starting "Easy-on" without jerks.