Motorized wheelbarrows

Wheelbarrows are indispensable machines for those who have to move various heavy loads : they are often used in construction, gardening or logging but also by some individuals who have steep or bumpy land in the countryside or in the woods. Mainly they are divided into 2 categories, which varies according to the maximum flow rate:

1. Capacity up to 300 kg : these are the smallest wheelbarrows, often used by individuals or professionals who need to move small loads. Obviously they have a lower price than the others.
2. Capacity from 300 kg to 500 kg : these are the most important wheelbarrows, mainly used by professionals, they are machines that maybe work 8 hours a day and never cause problems

Range of powered wheelbarrows

In the range of motorized wheelbarrows that we offer, there are only machines with tracks , as it is the most comfortable and versatile option for any type of use. From the point of view of brands, our offer includes:

1. Honda wheelbarrows : our top of the range. They are machines that can last even decades and guarantee maximum quality.
2. Blue Bird wheelbarrows : quality wheelbarrows at more affordable prices for anyone. There are several models with capacities up to 500 kg. and also with 7 hp engines.
3. Orec wheelbarrows : machinery always with the latest technology, they often rely on Honda for the engine, while the rest of the components are made entirely by them. Orec is a brand specialized in the production of increasingly innovative agricultural machinery.
4. Maruyama wheelbarrows : the smallest in the range. Their main peculiarity is the low center of gravity, a factor that can guarantee excellent stability when climbing.

Online sale of chainsaws and electric saws

On our portal it is possible to buy chainsaws and electric saws directly online at advantageous prices. All machines that are ready for delivery and can be delivered to your home within a few hours. The best internal combustion engine wheelbarrows available for any need, depending on the final use to be made.

Orec wheelbarrow - ls360 -
Shipped within 24H
The Orec LS360GX wheelbarrow is a machine built following the highest standards of technology and materials, making it an excellent work tool.