Sealants, glues and paints

In this category you will find paints of various types, glues, adhesives, adhesive tapes, silicone guns, foams, silicones, fillers and spatulas.
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Acrilic color cfg - ivory - ml.400
Shipped within 24H
Acrilic color cfg - ivory - ml.400

Professional acrylic enamel
Forms a highly resistant, elastic polymer that adheres to porous or compact surfaces
Compatible with wood, masonry, fabrics, paper, metals, ceramics, glass, painted surfaces, even poorly absorbent plastic materials, aluminum frames
Dries in minutes
It has a high covering power and allows for a perfect finish
The colors remain unchanged and bright both indoors and outdoors
Dries in minutes
It resists up to 160 C
Resistant to petrol, oils and alcohol