Sandblasters and accessories

Here you will find CB SANDBLASTERS professional sandblasters.

FERVI bench sandblasters.

You can also find various accessories for CB sandblasters and FERVI sandblasting guns.

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CB sandblaster 24 liters - with mask - with kit
Shipped within 24H
Free jet sandblaster, used for the preparation of surfaces for subsequent protective treatments. Modern and functional, it allows the operator to work in complete safety and security.
Helmet aerated spartan - cb m05 -
Helmet ventilated to sanders Spartan CB M05. Rigid helmet with a visor tear-off, cape, corrugated metal hose, flow regulator and activated carbon filter.
Mask flabby - cb m01 -
Shipped within 24H
Hood with mask flabby for sander jet free. Equipped with two air filters.
Sand-blasting machine microjet - cd10 -
Sander of S. B. sanders, model MICROJET CD10, jet free compressed air is used for the treatment of surfaces: wood, concrete, steel, marble, etc