Electricity generator

Current generators are devices capable of transforming mechanical energy into direct or alternating electrical energy. It is an indispensable machine for those who need to have electricity in areas without any source of energy.
Current generators are also known as generator sets, and thanks to their characteristics they are able to cope with situations in which it is not possible to directly access the electricity grid. This makes them extremely suitable for particular circumstances and situations, such as exhibitions and fairs, markets, events of various kinds.

The best generators

We are a company specialized in the sale of current generators of various brands at advantageous prices: we deal with well-known brands of the highest quality , in particular Honda and Mosa current generators, but also Pramac and Zanetti generator sets. We are a reference point online hardware store for the purchase of devices of this kind. What are the models of current generators on the market?

1. Generator without inverter : generators ranging from 3500 kw of power upwards, are usually used on construction sites or in any case with machinery that does not need alternating current, i.e. demolishers, grinders or other power tools.
2. Generators with inverters : generators usually small in size, light and easy to transport (some of our range are integrated with small wheels). The inverter board regulates the output current in alternating current, thus allowing any electrical device to be connected.
3. Diesel generators : these are machines designed to work for many consecutive hours with very low fuel consumption.

Fershop hardware, generator sets of the best brands

Various models of current generators are available at our Fershop online shop , the generator set best suited to everyone's needs. We offer a wide range of products of this kind, top quality machinery from brands such as Honda, Mosa, Pramaca, Zanetti Motori.

Honda cable for parallel operation
Honda cable for parallel operation. Using original Honda cables it is possible to connect two EU10i, two UE20i, two UE22i, two UE30i, two EU30is or two UE26i generators together to double the power supplied.

Also replaces part number 32360-Z28-C60
Honda generator - eu30is -inverter - new 2024 lx - with freebies
Shipped within 24H
Powerful, reliable, silent generator with long autonomy. It incorporates an inverter electronic control unit, capable of ensuring stable electricity. Suitable for powering sophisticated equipment such as PCs, telecommunications systems and measuring instruments.