Generators and motor welders

Here you will find our entire range of generators. Silenced, with AVR or with Inverter. Whether petrol or diesel. Whether for business use or emergency.

Top quality brands: HONDA, MOSA and ZANETTI.

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Honda cable for parallel operation
Honda cable for parallel operation. Using original Honda cables it is possible to connect two EU10i, two UE20i, two UE22i, two UE30i, two EU30is or two UE26i generators together to double the power supplied.

Also replaces part number 32360-Z28-C60
Honda generator - eu30is -inverter - new 2024 lx - with freebies
Shipped within 24H
Powerful, reliable, silent generator with long autonomy. It incorporates an inverter electronic control unit, capable of ensuring stable electricity. Suitable for powering sophisticated equipment such as PCs, telecommunications systems and measuring instruments.
Mosa generator - ge 4500 mi - new 2024
Shipped within 24H
Brand new mosa generator - ge 4500 mi -
Mosa generator - ge 8000 kbt - kohler engine - petrol - 2024
Mosa generator - ge 8000 kbt - kohler engine - petrol.
Mosa naked generator - ge 3500 kbm - kohler petrol engine
Shipped within 24H
Robust and reliable generator with high performance.
Suitable for all types of work. With pull start.
Mosa naked generator - ge 5000 bbm - motor briggs & stratton - 2024
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Robust and reliable generating set with high performance. With pull start. Excellent motor, delivers 4 Kva continuously. Ideal for countryside and construction sites.
Mosa naked generator 220/400 - ge 6500 ydt - yanmar diesel engine - new 2024
Shipped within 24H
MOSA GE 6500 YDT generator set, mounts a three-phase diesel YANMAR engine, which allows to reach a maximum power of 5.2 kW.
Mosa naked generator 220/400 - ge 8000 bbt - b&s petrol engine - new 2024
MOSA GE 8000 BBT generator set, mounts a BRIGG'S & STRATTON three-phase petrol engine, which generates a maximum power of 6.4 kW.