Saw and grind

Everything needed for workshop use, machinery and accessories for sawing and grinding. In our Fershop online shop there are various types of devices and the best brands, such as Bosch, Femi, Nabes . Band saws, bench grinders, cut-off machines also for iron, trestles and accessories.
These are machines useful for working wood, metal and other materials. In particular, this product category includes the following types of machines:

1. Saws - These are machines that use a rotating blade to cut materials such as wood, metal and plastic. There are different types of saws, such as circular saws, band saws and disc saws.
2. Miter Saws : Miter saws are machines that use a circular blade to cut materials precisely and perpendicular to the work surface. They are mainly used for woodworking and metalworking, and can also be used to cut at 45 degrees.
3. Grinders : Grinders are used for polishing, smoothing and finishing materials such as metal, plastic and wood. There are different types of grinders, including disc, belt and angle grinders.

Saws, miter saws, grinders

In general, these tools, saws, miter saws, grinders are used by craftsmen, carpenters, mechanics and anyone who needs to cut, truncate or finish materials in a precise and fast way . Their use requires a certain experience and knowledge of working techniques, as well as a good dose of attention and precaution to avoid accidents.

A wide range of machinery ready for delivery

In our Fershop online hardware store , sawing machines, miter saws and grinders are available for prompt delivery and from the best brands. You can find Marpol bench saws, Nebes saws among the best on the market, Stayer saws; Fein and Metabo miter saws; Fervi bench grinders.
All machines ready for delivery, with shipping in 24/48 hours, with guaranteed maximum quality and with post-purchase assistance service for any problems of any kind.

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Band saw Nebes - tm 101 plus - inverter
Shipped within 24H
Portable small band sawing machine. Versatile and silent, it allows effortless cutting of iron, aluminum, steel and PVC.
Band saw Nebes - tm 125 inverter -
Shipped within 24H
Band sawing machine with noise reduction system, versatile and silent, allows you to effortlessly cut iron, aluminum, steel and PVC by adapting the cutting speed to the appropriate blade.
Band saw nebes pro - tm 176 inverter - new 2024
Shipped within 24H
Band saw nebes pro - tm 176 inverter - new 2024
Bench grinder - 0551 - Fervi
Shipped within 24H
Classic bench grinder. The wheels are of two different grits to rough and finish. Very robust and simple.