Gasoline sandblasters

A motorized sandblaster is a machine that combines the functions of a petrol pressure washer with those of a sandblasting head, a factor which allows you to perform hydro sandblasting or wet sandblasting. A particular technique, different from traditional dry sandblasting as it is performed by mixing a jet of water.
Thanks to the presence of water, it will be possible to avoid the production of annoying dust which is then dispersed in the air, guaranteeing at the same time greater machining precision. All with the aim of cleaning any surface in the best possible way , even in the case of layers of paint that need to be removed.

The best sandblasters and pressure washers

In our online store, you can find the best sandblasters and pressure washers , which are machines used a lot in the building industry to smooth and level different surfaces, using the driving force of water mixed with sand. In this way, the treated surface is perfectly clean and free of any residue. A hydro sandblaster uses a pressurized system that channels water and sand, generating a highly pressurized jet that is directed towards the surface or material to be treated.

Annovi Reverberi sandblasters and pressure washers

Fershop specializes in the marketing of sandblasters and pressure washers of the best models on the market, starting with Annovi Reverberi . It is a well-known brand for the production of these machines capable of guaranteeing the highest quality. The pressure washers made by Annovi Reverberi have an internal combustion engine and are among the best on the market , both for professional and domestic use.

Sandblaster pressure washer - annovi ar 1475 - cold water - petrol - new 2024
Shipped within 24H
Annovi Reverberi AR 1475 sandblaster pressure washer - cold water with petrol engine. Very powerful, simple and robust
Sandblaster pressure washer ar - mod. 1440 -honda - cold water - petrol - 2024
Shipped within 24H
Ideal machine for thoroughly cleaning and scraping any surface, in fact, thanks to the combination of water and sand, the cleaning power is really high. Equipped with 2-wheel trolley. Honda engine.