Winches and manual winches

Winches are machines that are used to move weights using ropes or chains , just like the winch. The basic difference is given by the fact that while the latter, the winches, are designed to lift loads and work on the vertical axis, the winch is instead designed to tow loads and work on the horizontal axis.
A fundamental difference linked to the construction of the machine and the specific safety standards necessary for each type of use. On our online shop Fershop it is possible to find winches and manual winches, hoists and Tirfor : in the latter case it is a winch-hoist designed for manual lifting and traction of loads.

Winches, winches, hoists

Thanks to the use of these devices it is possible to lift, traction and anchor , as well as to fix loads in all directions. The winches that we have available are in particular Docma winches, ideal professional tools in the forestry sector for felling and moving large logs.
These winches are very suitable for recovering the ropes of tractor winches or cableways, as well as for towing in general , for example when hunting large animals. One of the most popular products on the market.

Everything you need for lifting

But our Fershop online hardware store specializes in the marketing of everything needed for lifting , not just winches. At our online shop you can also find manual winches, winches, hoists, Tirfors, winch backpacks, multifunction sleds, pulleys, logging chains.
Basically everything that can come in handy when lifting weights, especially as regards the forestry sector for lifting, traction and anchoring. We also have portable winches and hoists with a through-rope available.

Docma new winch - nippon vf900-4 h - w/rope roll mt.100-new 2024
Shipped within 24H
NIPPON VF900-4 h winch: mounts the highly reliable HONDA 4-stroke engine, it is very light but very powerful.
Shopping winch DOCMA - vf150 -
Shipped within 24H
Shopping winch brings DOCMA VF 150, simplifies transportationmaking it easy and not very strenuous move even on landimpervious winch.