Submersible electric pumps

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Comex electric pump - vortex 140 -
Shipped within 24H
Cast iron pump with "vortex" impeller. As the impeller rotates, it creates a vortex that sucks in the water and pushes it towards the pump delivery.
Electric pump comex - drain-to 75 - c/float mouse
Shipped within 24H
Submersible pump suitable for the drainage of rain water or slightly dirty. The starting system control of livellofisso allows the use of the pump in wells close.
Makita electric pump - pf1100 -
Shipped within 24H
Total immersion pump for clear and cold water. Useful for drainage of water from pools, pools and reservoirs.
Makita electric pump - pf1110 -
Shipped within 24H
Immersion pump for dark water in stainless steel. It is able to drain biological pits of decanting waste water.
Pump minizero - 0.33 hp -
Submersible electric pump in stainless steel, suitable for the drainage of clear water containing small quantities of abrasive substances or salt water and for the emptying of pools when a total emptying is required.
Pump SuperJob - 150 a -
Submersible electric pump made of steel suitable for draining waste water with solid suspended bodies, small quantities of abrasive substances.
Tritex electric pump - but 150 - c / framework lawyer.
Submersible cast iron electric pump for dark water, equipped with a shredder for crushing suspended solid bodies up to a maximum D. of 50 mm. Useful for domestic and industrial sewage applications.