Battery gardening

Taking care of your garden and other spaces both professionally and personally: gardening is a passion common to many that can also be pursued in a practical and comfortable way, without necessarily having to resort to machines with an electric cable.
In recent years, battery-powered technology has steadily increased in this sector: in the power tools category it has substantially replaced all corded appliances, and the same is happening in the world of gardening. These machines are an evolution of the previous devices , a novelty that concerns all the tools related to gardening : lawn mowers, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, blowers, etc…

The advantages of battery-powered gardening machines

An increasingly common choice, that of using battery-powered machines for gardening: what are the concrete advantages of this type of machinery? Let's see some of them:

1. Ease of use: there will no longer be the classic rope to pull two or three times before turning on the machine but it will simply be enough to press a button. The device turns on immediately.
2. Lower expenses: maintenance is essentially zero, there will no longer be any need to change the air filter, fuel filter or oil. Just charge the battery and the device will be ready for work.
3. Lightness and ease of use : the weight of any battery-powered machine is practically halved, from the lawnmower to the simple pruning shears.
4. Less noise and vibrations : no longer having the engine, the noise is really low and the vibrations are zero.
5. No smoke : battery-powered machines are truly an ecological solution in the gardening sector, no exhaust fumes which, in addition to pollution, are also annoying for the operator.

Battery gardening machines of the best brands

A revolution that of battery-powered machines for gardening that has spread steadily. In our online shop there are many devices of this kind, machinery for greenery that works with the battery. In particular, we have Honda and Grin battery lawnmowers available, among the best on the market.
These are devices that can also have interchangeable accessories as in the case of the Makita brushcutter, whose battery can be used for the hedge trimmer or the chainsaw. This is because, often, brands try to use the same batteries for all the machines, so as to reduce costs for the consumer.
Our catalog contains battery-powered gardening machines from the best brands : Honda, Oleomac, Bluebird, Grin, Makita devices and accessories.