In this category you will find various products for waterproofing.

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Bostik liquid rubber - bandage - reinforcing
Shipped within 24H
Used in conjunction with Bostik Liquid Rubber, this band fills in the cracks, spaces and fissures and helps you to apply the product in an optimal manner.
Bostik liquid rubber - gr.250 - tube
Shipped within 24H
Coating rubber for sealing, protection and repair 100% impermeable to air and water. Ideal for sealing joints, gaps and cracks. Quality universal top, usable on virtually all surfaces.
Bostik liquid rubber - ml. 750 -
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Suitable to seal, protect and repair virtually all materials such as wood, concrete, stone, metal, zinc, bitumen, EPDM, PVC, etc
Bostik liquid rubber - tape 75x1 mt.5 -
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Bostik Liquid Rubber Tape® is particularly suitable for repairs (emergency). The tape is immediately impermeable to water and air, therefore it is not necessary to wait. The tape has a high adhesive power, and adheres even to damp surfaces.
Bostik liquid rubber kit - repair -
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With this kit, made of a coating rubber for to seal, protect and repair the results are 100% impermeable to air and water.
Bostik tape, liquid rubber - mt.3 wide mm.25 - method self-vulcanizing
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Bostik Liquid Rubber Tape method self-vulcanizing method self-vulcanizing seals, protects, repairs and insulates all of the materials, the tape is 100% impermeable to air and water, adheres to itself and can be used in any situation: indoor and outdoor and even under water.