Drills with magnet

Magnet drills, also known as magnetic drills or magnetic base drills, are precision tools used to drill into metallic materials quickly and accurately. These drills feature a magnetic base that attaches firmly to the material being drilled, providing a solid and stable foundation for the drill.
The magnetic base allows the drill to stay in place while working, making it ideal for drilling large metal materials or in awkward locations.

What are drills with a magnet

Magnetic drills are available in different sizes and powers, according to the specific needs of the user. They can be battery or electric powered , and can be equipped with additional features, such as speed regulation and cooling function.
Magnetic drills are used in a wide variety of applications, such as in metalworking, metal structure construction, machine repair and vehicle manufacturing. They are capable of drilling materials of different sizes and thicknesses with great precision and speed, making them ideal for use in industrial working environments.

Online sales of FEIN magnetic drills

In our online shop, you can purchase FEIN magnetic drills conveniently and in complete safety. We are talking about devices made by a German company that produces top quality magnetic drills; this type of drill is used above all in the mechanical field and guarantees devices known for their precision, reliability and ease of use.
FEIN magnetic drills include a strong and stable magnetic base, which allows the drill to stay firmly in place while working; powerful motors, capable of drilling materials of different thicknesses and sizes with great ease; high quality materials designed to last over time, even in demanding work environments.
Furthermore, FEIN magnetic drills are famous for the maximum precision they can guarantee during machining, thanks to their ability to be adjusted to meet the most precise needs. Various models of FEIN magnetic drills are equipped with advanced features such as speed regulation and a cooling function.

Magnetic drill fein-kbu 35 mq-quickin
Shipped within 24H
Universal drill FEIN model KBU 35 sqm, with Crown tip and magnetic base at 1 Speed, small in size and with a very wide stroke.