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Bostik repair monostick metal - gr.56 - putty
Shipped within 24H
Epoxy putty stick. Repairs, welds, rebuilds, and caulks metal, iron, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, cast iron, lead and hard plastics, tubes, valves, tanks, engine parts, batteries, tools, metal, air ducts, parts of bicycles, motorcycles and cars, ducts and pipes.
Cleaner clean diesel - masterpower - ml.300
Shipped within 24H
Additive with lubricant nanotechnology with high efficiency and security, and with the formula of the detergent of the latest generation.
Cleaner clean petro - masterpower - ml.300
Shipped within 24H
The additive with the lubricant in nanotechnology, high-efficiency, clean from scale, sludge and sludge in the fuel system, carburetor, injectors and valve seats.